JEWELRY BY MARY started in early 2008 as part of a weight loss plan. I had been diligently trying to shed some pounds since mid summer and when winter set in I was struggling with the winter blahs. I needed something to do in the evenings when the long nights in front of the television caused me to be more aware of my hunger pangs and in general,  my desire to eat.

My first piece: # 23X, started on a whim. It didn't take long for the Art Teacher in me to get hooked on this new hobby which I could easily do while watching television.

I soon had friends asking me to make pieces for them. I found that my sets were making great gifts and before long three of my closest friends were also starting to make their own jewelry.  

As my interest and expertise grew, so did my supplies. When I walked into the Turtle Island Bead Supply store in Baraboo, WI, I told my friend I wanted to cry because they had an overwhelming amount of supplies and I knew I couldn't afford almost any of them.  

Since I started, I have pursued many different styles. Each of my pieces is an individual creation. The nature of the beads I use directs the style of the set. I often place a variety of bead choices in front of me and look and say to myself, "I wonder what this is going to become?"  I am often surprised by what evolves.

My sets have a variety of beads, pearls, crystals, shells, pendents, chain accents, wire accents, etc. I have played a little with wire wrapping and am just starting to create ceramic pendents.

My sets range from being choker fit small necks to being very adjustable. When I first started out, I believed I had a large or at least average size neck. I have come to realize that there are many unique neck sizes and so my current jewelry is usually adjustable to accomadate any neck size.

This is only a small portion of the jewelry I have created. You can see more at the office if you come camping at Ukarydee.  If you are interested in a specific custom made piece, we can make arrangements for me to do that for you.

My sets are currently priced at between $25-60 (plus shipping and handling) depending on the materials used and the time invested in creating the piece.

You can call me at 608-564-2233 to get specific information about any of the pieces below or to arrange to purchace one of them.


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