Castle Rock Trails Profile


The Castle Rock Horse Trails are maintained by the Castle Rock Trails Club; a small group of
committed people who give of their time, energy, resources and finances to make it possible for so many people to enjoy the natural beauty of this little piece of heaven.

The CR Trails Club depends on the donations of those who enjoy riding the trails.  Because the CR Trails are not state owned there are no state trail fees. This also means that there are no state monies coming in to maintain the trails.

All donations are greatly appreciated. Donations can be dropped off at the donation/map/kiosk center at the trailhead (located on 22nd Ave. just South of Hwy 21) or they can be dropped off in the donation box just outside the Ukarydee Campground Office.  Donations can also be mailed to the CR Trails Club PO address....Castle Rock Trails Club, PO Box 0782 Friendship, WI 53934-0782

WRPCO, who owns the land that the CR Trails are located on, has taken an active role in the development of this trail system. In the past, the CR Trails Club has been the recipient of grant monies from the Wisconsin State Horse Council. Also, in January 2006 the Equine Foundation of the Wisconsin State Horse Council donated $1500.00 to the CR Trails Club toward the purchase of a brush hog that could be pulled by an ATV. In the past year and a half, the club has been working hard to make all the trails wide enough to accommodate this equipment.
We want to thank all these organizations for their support!

The Castle Rock Trails provides hours of enjoyable riding. The trails are sandy and are easy to ride. Many of the trails allow beautiful views of the Wisconsin River, Castle Rock Lake, The Roche A Cri, Wallers pond and other smaller ponds along the way. The trails provide a variety of riding, including pine plantations, prairies, and oak forests.

Some of the trails are wide enough for a horse and cart and some of them are bridle paths. Along the trails you will see a variety of wildlife. It is normal to see deer, turkeys, sand hill cranes, ducks, badgers, eagles, ospreys, and even a bear has been spotted in the past.

The CR Trails are very well marked and easy to navigate. There are six loops that are color coded. There are short trails within some of the main loops that are always marked with a brown sign. Most of the loops interconnect with one another so that you can tailor your ride to fit the needs of your group. All of the trails are designed around 21st Ave. and Cumberland Ave (which becomes 22nd Ave at the corner)  At each intersection, there is a number on the sign that corresponds to the same number on the trail map. This makes it easy to know where you are, where you were and where you are going!  (Now, if only life could be this easy!) 

The CR Trails Club has an annual spring trail clean up week-end in early April. They appreciate all the people who have volunteered to help in the past and would appreciate your help in the future. In July, a dedicated group of volunteers worked diligently to create a new trail that is wide enough for carts and buggies. One point along that trail presents the trailrider with a gorgeous view of The Castle Rock Lake.  If you could volunteer your services and would like more informatioin about our upcoming trail clean-up dates in April, July and September, please contact President Larry Clapper at 608-564-2129 or 
Vice President, Mary Harris
at 608-564-2233.  

This piece of property that is owned by WRPCO is open for public use; for non-motorized activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, mushroom picking, skiing, dog sledding etc, Be aware that during the November gun hunting season there will be hunters on this property. There is also bow hunting and duck hunting that occurs around Wallers pond. . At times  T-Zone hunting and youth hunting (which is very minimal) are allowed. Be informed and  use your own discretion as to when you want to ride the CR Trails.

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